HOUSE of PAWLOW - Stalingrad Battle Heroes Secrets

Those fellows of Soviet Union were usual peaceful people. They didn expect to win the strongest army in the world as they had never heard and felt about the power they had in their hearts. They were condemned they had no chance to survive, their fate was to be mixed with the ground or turn into dirty slaves.

With greatest honour we e representing to you:

- Unbelievable story of PAWLOWs House. Simple village boy Yasha whose name had turned into world famous sign of Russian bravery and power.
- Fate of super heroes of Stalingrad. Never repeat it.
- Fiery piece of the land. How to survive when you are condemned.
- Fascinating Stalingrad Battle Museum (Only original Stalingrad exhibits: weapons, bans, awards, photos, stories, newsreel etc)
- Super largest Russian Panoramic Picture with relief. Youll remember it forever.
- Wehrmacht/Reich - USSR military equipment exhibition

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Victor Voinov
Victor Voinov
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