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Welcome to Youatlas.com, an ad service that brings together sellers and buyers.

The Youatlas.com Terms of Use (“Terms”) govern the relationship between Youatlas.com (“Company”, “we”) and Internet users who accessed Youatlas.com (“users”, “you”).

You may use Youatlas.com in accordance with the terms and conditions and user data policies. If you do not agree with them, you must stop using Youatlas.com.

1. What is Youatlas.com

Youatlas.com is an Internet site accessible at youatlas.com (including all domain levels) through the full and mobile versions and the mobile application, which is a combination of the intellectual property of the Company and information (administrative and user content) contained in the information system ( "Youatlas.com").

Youatlas.com is an electronic catalog of announcements about goods, services, vacancies and other offers (collectively, “goods”) that users can offer and search on Youatlas.com for the purpose of concluding deals.

The company provides authorized users with the technical ability to post information on Youatlas.com in the format of ads in the presented product categories. The company provides all users (regardless of authorization) with the technical ability to search and view ads on Youatlas.com for the purposes stipulated by the Terms. Youatlas.com's automated algorithms process queries to provide relevant information in the search results.

The company is not a party, the organizer of the transaction, the buyer, seller, employer, intermediary, agent, representative of any user, beneficiary or other interested person in relation to transactions between users. Users use the information posted on Youatlas.com to conclude transactions at their own risk and without direct or indirect participation or control by the Company.

2. Registration at Youatlas.com

You can register on Youatlas.com using your mobile phone number or through your profile on the social network presented in the form of an entrance to Youatlas.com. After registration, we will create your unique profile. At the same time on Youatlas.com there can only be one profile tied to one phone number.

If you register on Youatlas.com through a social network, certain functions will be limited for you. To access all the features of the service, we may ask you to provide a phone number and email address.

By registering on Youatlas.com, you guarantee that you have all the powers necessary to enter into and execute the Terms.

Additional Information:

• Registration

3. Login to Youatlas.com

You can log in to your profile on Youatlas.com (log in) either using the mobile phone number / email address specified in your profile or using the social network associated with your profile (“login information”). In the first case, you need to enter a password, in the second, you must first log in to the corresponding social network.

You are required to maintain the confidentiality of your login information on Youatlas.com. If you have reason to believe that someone has gained unauthorized access to them, immediately let us know. All actions performed on Youatlas.com by a person authorized using your login information will be considered committed by you. You will be responsible for such actions.

Additional Information:

• How to enter the profile

• Log in to your profile via social network

4. User Information

The information that you provide to the Company about yourself must be reliable, relevant and must not violate the law and the rights of third parties. You are required to update them on your Youatlas.com profile as necessary. We may request documents or information from you for identification or credentials. If you do not provide them, we will be entitled to restrict access to your profile.

We cannot guarantee that all information that users indicate on Youatlas.com is true. Use caution when making transactions.

We do not disclose to third parties information about users who are not publicly available, except as required by law (for example, at the request of some government agencies). At the same time, we cannot be held responsible for third-party unlawful actions regarding the information that you posted publicly on Youatlas.com.

We analyze how you use Youatlas.com to make Youatlas.com better and help you measure the effectiveness of our services.

Additional Information:

• Security on Youatlas.com

• Profile Protection

5. User Content

User Content - text and images that Youatlas.com users post in ads, the public profile and reviews.

The company does not act as a distributor of user-generated content. You are the owner of all the information that you post on Youatlas.com. You create, modify, post in the public domain and delete content without our participation or approval.

You are required to independently ensure that user content fully complies with the law, Youatlas.com Terms of Use, ad placement rules, profile requirements and reviews. You guarantee that your content does not violate the rights of third parties to the results of intellectual activity.

Youatlas.com does not censor user content. We take actions in relation to content based on requests from authorized persons in the manner prescribed by law.

The purpose for which users post information on Youatlas.com is to establish contact with a potential buyer who is interested in concluding a transaction regarding an item in an ad. It is forbidden to collect, copy, use and any other actions in relation to user content for purposes not provided for in the Terms. You can not use the phone numbers of users for purposes not directly related to the purchase of goods from the user.

You give the Company the right to use your content and the intellectual property included in it under a non-exclusive license: indefinitely, without providing remuneration, in any way, to act worldwide, both with or without an author’s name. We can use your content to fulfill the Terms, improve Youatlas.com, for marketing purposes, in commercial and non-commercial projects (for example, in the Youatlas.com auto catalog).

We have the right to place user content on other Internet resources and grant rights to it to our partners. We have the right to keep archival copies of user content and not to withdraw from circulation materials that contain it.

Additional Information:

• Posting Rules

• Contact with the buyer or seller

• Ratings and reviews

• Intellectual property protection

• The procedure for reviewing Youatlas.com copyright holders

6. Communication of users on Youatlas.com

Authorized users can write messages and make calls through the Youatlas.com mobile application to discuss products and transaction conditions. It is forbidden to use messages and calls for any other purposes.

In some types of announcements, we allow the use of a replacement phone number, calls from which are forwarded to the real user number. We have the right to determine call forwarding settings, including the maximum number of calls to a substitute number for a certain period from certain user groups. Forwarding costs are borne by us.

Messages and calls to users for purposes not provided for in the Terms violate the law on personal data and cause losses to the Company.

We have the right to record, analyze and store messages and calls made through the Youatlas.com mobile application and to substitution numbers. Messages and calls in the application are not private. We have the right to selectively review correspondence and listen to call records in order to ensure compliance with the Youatlas.com Terms of Use and to make Youatlas.com better.

Additional Information:

• Communication methods on Youatlas.com

• Messages

• Room security

7. Communication of Youatlas.com with users

We can send you:

• system notifications from which you cannot unsubscribe: for example, to confirm registration, to inform about the restriction of access to the profile or announcements;

• service notifications related to your actions on Youatlas.com: for example, when you receive a message from another user, personal selections of ads of interest;

• marketing notifications: tips from Youatlas.com, invitations to participate in research, promotions and company news.

• We can send you messages in the notification center on your profile, to the email address or phone number specified in your profile, to your device in the form of push notifications, as well as messages on Youatlas.com. In some cases, we may also contact you by telephone (for example, to receive feedback and improve services).

You can manage service alerts and marketing alerts in your profile settings. Settings may vary by device.

Additional Information:

• Youatlas.com notifications

• Set up notifications

8. Deleting a profile

You have the right at any time to delete your profile on Youatlas.com by contacting customer support. Your profile will be deleted upon termination of the contract on the terms of the offer, if you concluded it. We will delete your profile on Youatlas.com if you have never used it for three years.

Within 30 days after deleting the profile, you cannot use the phone number that was specified in the deleted profile for a new registration.

Additional Information:

• Delete profile

9. Intellectual property rights

Exclusive rights to computer programs required to use Youatlas.com, databases, graphic design of the interface (design) and other elements of the Youatlas.com website, company name, trademarks / logos and other distinctive signs of the Company, including those used as part of Youatlas.com domain name, belong to the Company.

The verbal designation “Youatlas.com” and “Yuatlas” is protected as a trademark owned by Youatlas.com JSC (copyright holder) and used by the Company on the basis of a license agreement with the copyright holder.

We have the right to automatically put Youatlas.com logos / watermarks on the photos you upload to protect materials in our databases from illegal copying.

10. License to use databases and programs

We provide users with a non-exclusive license to use the databases and computer programs necessary for using Youatlas.com for the purposes provided for in the Terms. No license fee is charged.

The license is granted from the moment you access Youatlas.com and continues to be valid while you use Youatlas.com. Search and viewing ads is available to all users regardless of registration and authorization. In order to access the other functionality of Youatlas.com, you need to log in.

Without the consent of the Company, it is forbidden to use technical means to interact with the service, bypassing the usual procedure for using databases and computer programs. It is also forbidden to use automated scripts to collect information on Youatlas.com.

Without the consent of the Company, it is forbidden to use databases and computer programs for purposes not provided for in the Terms. This means that it is forbidden to extract materials from databases and / or to carry out their subsequent use in any form and by any means, regardless of their volume and agreement with third parties, if this is not directly related to the conclusion of a transaction in relation to the goods in the announcement. For example, it is forbidden to use materials from Youatlas.com databases to populate third-party databases. It is also forbidden to use phone numbers from Youatlas.com databases for calls to Youatlas.com users with offers of services or goods.

11. User Responsibilities

Using Youatlas.com and interacting with the Company, you agree to:

• strictly comply with all legal requirements;

• comply with the Youatlas.com Terms of Use, ad placement rules, profile and review requirements and other Youatlas.com rules and Company guidelines;

• Do not call Youatlas.com users, if you are not a potential buyer and are not interested in concluding a transaction on the announcement, do not send spam to users;

• do not use obscene language, images and expressions that provoke cruelty, hatred or disrespectful attitude, contain threats or insults, justify illegal actions, do not comply with moral standards or business practices;

• not use Youatlas.com or the information posted on Youatlas.com for purposes not provided for in the Terms;

• Do not download or use malicious programs on Youatlas.com;

• Do not take actions that may interfere with the normal operation of Youatlas.com.

12. Violations and consequences

We strive to make Youatlas.com a convenient and safe tool, therefore, we reserve the right to carry out a random check of users' compliance with the Youatlas.com Terms of Use at any time and at their discretion. For this we can use automated methods.

We have the right to take measures, if there is reason to believe that, using your profile or your technical means, a violation of the law, rights of third parties or the Terms has occurred or may occur. We have the right to restrict access to your profile or to some functionality of Youatlas.com, to reject or block your content. We also have the right to restrict access to Youatlas.com from certain IP addresses and phone numbers.

We have the right to restrict and restore access to the profile, as well as determine the conditions for such restoration at our discretion and without explanation of reasons.

We are not responsible for any losses incurred by users in connection with the adoption of measures to prevent and stop violations on Youatlas.com. We recommend that you back up your content on your device.

For violation of the law or the rights of third parties when using Youatlas.com, you can be administratively, criminally or civilly liable.

Additional Information:

• Disapproved ads

• Blocked ads

• My profile is blocked

13. Final Provisions

The provisions of sections 2, 3, 6 - 8 of the Terms apply to users registered on Youatlas.com. All other provisions apply to all Youatlas.com users regardless of registration and authorization. Any form of interaction with Youatlas.com (including viewing information) confirms your acceptance of the Terms. The Company's obligations to provide access to the functionality of Youatlas.com are counterclaimable in relation to your obligations to comply with the Terms. When no fee is provided for using Youatlas.com, consumer protection laws do not apply to relations between the Company and users.

The provision of certain functionality to Youatlas.com may be subject to special conditions.

The functionality of Youatlas.com may be changed, supplemented or discontinued at any time without prior notice to users. Using Youatlas.com is offered in an “as is” mode, that is, in the form and volume in which the Company provides Youatlas.com functionality at the time of contacting them. We are not responsible for temporary interruptions and interruptions in the work of Youatlas.com and the resulting loss of information. We are not liable for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation caused in connection with the use of Youatlas.com.

Youatlas.com may contain links to third party sites. We do not control and are not responsible for the availability, content and legality of such third-party sites.

We update the Youatlas.com Terms of Use as necessary. We recommend that you periodically visit the page.

By continuing to use Youatlas.com after changing the Terms, you agree to the changes made to them.

If you still have questions about the Youatlas.com Terms of Use, you can search for answers in Help or contact support specialists.